We define “artist”: such as:

musicians, theater artists (including those that work on sound, lighting, and costume design, set design and construction, front of the house operations, administration and house management), photographers, puppeteers, crafts artists, painters, poets and authors, vocalists, folk and traditional artists, dancers, digital artists, etc.

If you have any questions about whether your work is eligible for this grant, contact us.

The ABC’s Vision

We believe that the arts are a vital part of our society, and the creation of art should not have to halt due to financial hardship. Our vision is to support artists in times of need so artists can continue to focus on their work.

What we do

We provide financial assistance via grants to individual artists, who, due to unforeseen circumstances, have lost their source of income. This includes a wide array of situations from the recent COVID-19 pandemic to natural disasters. We also award grants for artistic endeavors like theaters, writers and performing artists.

Funding Cycle:

  • Application must be received by the 1st of every month
  • Funds will be distributed by the 15th every month via wire transfer
  • If you are a recipient of the fund, you must wait 8 weeks until applying again
  • Request amount up to $1000 per application

Why we matter

The arts play an important role in all communities, allowing people to engage with one another and let their imaginations run wild. The arts also promote understanding of one another and sharing of culture. In order to support the arts, the artists must be supported, and The ABC endeavors to provide that assistance.

Our History

The idea for The ABC came about during the COVID-19 pandemic. As groups of people could no longer attend shows, many performing artists and the staff of artistic establishments lost work. We found there was a need to help bridge the financial gap for these individuals during this time. The more we thought about this, we recognized there was a need due to various unforeseen circumstances, like natural disasters or short-term changes in funding of artistic programs. Artist can be greatly impacted financially by circumstances out of their control, which is where we come in to help.




Dollars Raised


Artists Helped